Trends in Diagnosis

Mental illness, like obesity is commonly referred as “on the rise.” It’s important for the diagnosis scholar to look at this critically. This dossier by Mark Rice-Oxley in The Guardian explores this “global epidemic” and picks some holes in assumptions. Most of all, he brings social factors to the attention of the critical scholar. Figures show that increases in mental illness are only slightly higher … Continue reading Trends in Diagnosis

Diagnosis in the Courtroom

We’ve know that diagnosis has an important role in adjudicating. In the courtroom, a diagnosis may absolve an individual from guilt for illegal actions. But, it may also, as this article reveals, be used to describe suitability for parenting in custody cases. The author of this paper takes exception to its use, pointing out both the fallibility of the DSM as a diagnostic source, and … Continue reading Diagnosis in the Courtroom

Welcome to the Critical Diagnosis Scholar Blog

This blog page is the work of Annemarie Jutel of Victoria University of Wellington. It is designed to be a place of reflection on the social meaning of diagnosis and will progressively replace the current “diagnosis in contemporary society” FB page, with its 1000+ followers (see Since December 2012, that page has provided a place for social and cultural students and scholars, clinicians and … Continue reading Welcome to the Critical Diagnosis Scholar Blog