Welcome to the Critical Diagnosis Scholar Blog

This blog page is the work of Annemarie Jutel of Victoria University of Wellington. It is designed to be a place of reflection on the social meaning of diagnosis and will progressively replace the current “diagnosis in contemporary society” FB page, with its 1000+ followers (see https://www.facebook.com/DiagnosisInContemporarySociety/). Since December 2012, that page has provided a place for social and cultural students and scholars, clinicians and interested others to reflect upon diagnosis and its place in our understanding of health, illness and disease.

For the next few months, all postings from the FB page will be replicated here until such time as everyone has found their way over to this new site.

The critical diagnosis scholar has been writing about diagnosis for many years, outside of the blogosphere, and her books will be an informative read for anyone interested in how diagnosis operates as a way of thinking about illness.

To read more about these publications, go to the University of Toronto Press website or to Johns Hopkins University Press.

You are welcome here, both as a reader and a commentator.

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